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Bower and You

Our focus is you. We never forget that without you, there is no Bower. And that is why – with thousands of financial products to choose from - you can always be 100% certain the deal we do is the best possible one for you, particularly if your situation or needs are a little out of the ordinary.

This quality of service can only be guaranteed by employing a middleman. Someone impartial and independent. Someone without obligations to any particular bank, funding source or outside organisation. Someone who’s on your side all the way.

We have expert professionals to help you with your needs – be it a home loan, commercial loan or equipment finance. We take the added time to explain pitfalls and the potentially hidden costs of any offers made to you. Whether you are bargain hunter, in need of a helping hand to stay above water, or have arrived financially and are looking to expand, we will find the right product and lender for you.

And it does not stop with successfully securing your initial finance needs. Our team is dedicated to an ongoing relationship, always available to proactively review your business and personal requirements as they evolve, always making sure you have the right holistic solution to all your finance needs.

Call us on (02) 9454 7300 for an obligation-free initial meeting. We're available anytime and anywhere that suits you.